WorldSkills Australia National Winners 2023

From 17-19 August, the WorldSkills National Championships were held in Melbourne. Members of the Manufacturing Alliance team witnessed first-hand the skills on show from the 470 young Australian’s competing in over 60 skills to be named Australia’s best apprentices and trainees.

A big congratulations to all the competitors and winners. See the full list here. The winners will have an opportunity to represent Australia at the WorldSkills Championships to be held in Lyon, France, September 2024.

The WorldSkills National Championships are one of the highlights of the skills calendar, with over 100,000 apprentices having taken part since 1981. Many have gone on to become leaders and key influencers in industry, small business owners and educators.

Well done to Trevor Schwenke and the WorldSkills team for putting on another great event – one that the Manufacturing Alliance is proud to be involved with.

Below are the winners of the manufacturing related events.


REFRIGERATION AND AIR CONDITIONING                                

Gold – Floyd Lucas-Baxter | Canberra ACT

Silver – Bailey Loenneker | East Coast QLD

Bronze – Blake Harris | Melbourne VIC

Certificate of Excellence

Spencer Wende | North QLD

Tyde Wharerau | Perth South WA



Gold – Solomon Gates |  Sydney NSW

Silver – Mitchell  Rigney | Perth North WA

Bronze – Mason Harfield | Perth South WA

Certificate of Excellence

Anaya Moncrieff | Perth North WA

Gabriella Mulock | Sydney West NSW



Gold – Gervase Voss | Melbourne VIC

Silver – Luke McPherson | Melbourne East VIC

Bronze – Mackenzie Murray |  Melbourne VIC



Gold – Michael Bowen | Illawarra NSW

Silver – Jack Pelleri | North QLD

Bronze – Matthew Vardanega | Macquarie NSW

Certificate of Excellence

Ben Mickelburough | Melbourne East VIC

William Zahn | East Coast QLD

Brock Johnston | Ballarat Wimmera VIC



Gold – Disha Anchan & Randy Gunawan | Melbourne VIC

Silver – Hamish Ridley & Michael Ritchie | Melbourne East VIC



Gold – Magnus Andersson & Will Vestergaard | Melbourne VIC

Silver – Tristan Rozenfeld & Jack Terrill | Geelong VIC



Gold – Clayton Wright | Melbourne East VIC

Silver – Charlie Barwick | Brisbane QLD



Gold – Benton Miller | Perth South WA

Silver – Brodie Toweel | Sydney West NSW

Bronze – Callum Robertson | Melbourne East VIC

Certificate of Excellence

Nelson Boyd | Riverina NSW

William D’Amato | Illawarra NSW

Timothy Schon | Sydney NSW



Gold – Harrison Field | Macquarie NSW

Silver – Beau Malkin | Tasmania

Bronze – Maclain Coleman-Locke | Mid Coast NSW

Certificate of Excellence

Shaun Meinecke | Illawarra NSW

Arnekin Loftus | Sydney West NSW

Jayden Riley | East Coast QLD

Jacob Barry | Hunter NSW

Lenoir Rae | Northern Rivers NSW



Gold – Oscar Lourie | Western Australia

Silver – Charlie Wright | Queensland

Bronze – Justin Wilson | Victoria

Certificate of Excellence

Brodie Johns | Queensland

Soksenghour Yeang | Western Australia



Gold – Oli Parkinson | Brisbane QLD

Silver – Lestatt Hammond-hurst | MidCoast NSW

Bronze – Jade Reichstein | Northern Territory


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