MEM: Non-Destructive Testing Skills

Revised international standards for non-destructive testing (NDT), which underpin certification for NDT technicians have impacted units in the MEM Manufacturing and Engineering Training Package (MEM).

The ISO standards, which are internationally recognised benchmarks for various industries, have been adopted in Australia. As a result, there is a need to ensure that the MEM units and qualifications reflect current industry practice. Adapting the MEM units and qualifications to adhere to these standards guarantees that learners and workers possess skills that are aligned with contemporary manufacturing expectations.

There are 19 units of competency for NDT which need revision as they are used extensively across trade and post-trade, and technician occupations.

The revisions will reflect changes to the international standards, released in the Non-destructive testing – Qualification and certification of NDT personnel (ISO 9712:2021). The project will also consider alignment of the units to the certification requirements for NDT technicians reflected in the Non-destructive testing – NDT training syllabuses (ISO/TS 25107:2019).


Initial development
In progress
Public and government consultation
Jun 2024
Incorporating feedback
Jun-Jul 2024
Senior Officials check
Jul-Aug 2024
Submit to Assurance Body
Aug 2024
Skills Ministers endorsement
Initial development
Develop initial draft products in line with the Training Product Development Plan, establish Technical Committee.


We have established a Technical Committee to provide expert advice, a pivotal step as we commence development work on the project. As we move forward, we encourage your active involvement in public consultations where you can provide valuable input on the draft training products.

Register now to have your say about this project. Please direct any questions to

Technical Committee & Project Overview and Consultation Strategy

A Technical Committee of subject matter experts has been established to provide industry and educational advice on the Project Overview and Consultation Strategy and the draft training products.

Technical Committee

Full Name Organisation Stakeholder Type State
Angelo Zaccari Australian Institute for Non-destructive Testing (AINDT) Association/SME National
Karen Humphreys TAFE NSW Educational expert/RTO NSW
Jason North Australian Defence Force Employer/SME National






In progress
Public and government consultation
Release draft products for broad stakeholder feedback in line with Consultation Strategy.

Open for consultation

Public and government consultation is open for MEM: NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING SKILLS from 03 June until 28 June.

In consultation with stakeholders, 18 units of competency for NDT that are used extensively across trade, post-trade, and technician occupations have been revised to better match occupational roles and where required reflect new ISO Standards. Additionally, 5 new units have been developed to align and support certification requirements for NDT technicians reflected in the Non-destructive testing – NDT training syllabuses (ISO/TS 25107:2019).

The proposed changes have been informed by extensive research, analysis, and consultation.

We are seeking feedback on the suitability of the draft content to ensure it is accurate and relevant and meets the needs of industry.

Providing feedback 

Please see the summary of proposed changes  and the proposed training package components below.

You can provide your feedback here.

Information sessions

Online information sessions will be held to provide further details about changes to the units and how to provide feedback. Click below to register.

Register for Information Sessions   
Session 1  18 June 2024 

10:00am – 10:45am 

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Session 2  24 June 2024 

2:00pm – 2:45pm 

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Session 3 

26 June 2024 

11:30am – 12:15pm 


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Note: All feedback is important, whether you’re letting us know you agree with the proposed changes or making suggested changes.    

For more information:

View drafts

MEM50424 Diploma of Engineering – Non-Destructive Testing Release 1
Units of Competency (18 Revised Units)
MEM24021 Perform basic penetrant testing Release 1
MEM24022 Undertake penetrant tests Release 1
MEM24023 Perform basic magnetic particle testing Release 1
MEM24024 Undertake magnetic particle tests Release 1
MEM24025 Perform basic eddy current testing Release 1
MEM24026 Undertake eddy current tests Release 1
MEM24027 Perform ultrasonic thickness testing Release 1
MEM24028 Undertake ultrasonic tests Release 1
MEM24029 Perform basic radiographic testing Release 1
MEM24030 Undertake radiographic tests Release 1
MEM24031 Establish procedures for non-destructive tests Release 1
MEM24033 Undertake thermography tests Release 1
MEM24034 Undertake digital and computed radiography Release 1
MEM24035 Undertake eddy current array tests Release 1
MEM24036 Undertake visual testing to non-destructive testing standards Release 1
MEM24037 Undertake advanced ultrasonic testing Release 1
MEM24038 Apply codes and standards to non-destructive testing Release 1
MEM24039 Apply materials technology principles to non-destructive tests Release 1
5 New Units Developed
MEM24040 Undertake basic penetrant tests Release 1
MEM24041 Undertake basic magnetic particle tests Release 1
MEM24042 Undertake basic eddy current tests Release 1
MEM24043 Undertake ultrasonic thickness tests Release 1
MEM24044 Undertake basic radiographic tests Release 1

  Download the summary of proposed changes

View draft Companion Volumes:

Companion Volume Implementation Guide – Volume 1
Companion Volume Implementation Guide – Volume 2

Training Package Maintenance - Minor Changes

As part of maintenance in the Manufacturing and Engineering (MEM) Training Package, the following updates have been made:

MEM30119 Certificate III in Engineering - Production Systems Release 3
MEM30219 Certificate III in Engineering - Mechanical Trade Release 4
MEM30522 Certificate III in Engineering – Technical Release 3
MEM31822 Certificate III in Engineering - Textile Mechanic Release 2
MEM31922 Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade Release 2
MEM40119 Certificate IV in Engineering Release 3
MEM50119 Diploma of Engineering - Advanced Trade Release 3
MEM50222 Diploma of Engineering – Technical Release 2
MEM50522 Diploma of Engineering – Materials Release 2
MEM60122 Advanced Diploma of Engineering Release 2
Skill Sets
MEMSS00003 Non-Destructive Testing - Level 2 NDT practitioner Release 1
Units of Competency
MEM05004 Perform routine oxy fuel gas welding Release 2
MEM05049 Perform routine gas tungsten arc welding Release 2
MEM05050 Perform routine gas metal arc welding Release 2
MEM05052 Apply safe welding practices Release 2
MEM05056 Perform routine flux core arc welding Release 2
MEM05057 Perform routine submerged arc welding Release 2
MEM05063 Write and proof robotic welding system programs Release 2
MEM05069 Undertake advanced weld repair and maintenance Release 2
MEM05077 Perform welding inspection Release 2
MEM05081 Perform welds to code standards using gas tungsten arc welding process Release 2
MEM11010 Operate mobile load shifting equipment Release 2
MEM11023 Operate a bridge and gantry crane Release 2
MEM11024 Undertake basic rigging Release 2
MEM11025 Operate a non-slewing mobile crane of greater than three tonnes capacity Release 2
MEM14087 Apply manufactured product design techniques Release 2
MEM15004 Perform inspection Release 2
MEM18051 Fault find and repair/rectify complex electrical circuits Release 2
MEM19018 Repair jewellery items Release 2
MEM234031 Manage installation, commissioning or modification of machines and equipment Release 2
MEM27025 Maintain, diagnose and rectify fluid power controls in mobile equipment Release 2
MEM29002 Commission a cyber-physical system Release 2
MEM48017 Monitor blast furnace operations Release 2
MEM50002 Work safely on marine craft Release 2

Supporting information

Download the summary of proposed changes

Jun 2024
Incorporating feedback
Update products in line with feedback, publish summary consultation log on website, determine whether further consultation is required.
Jun-Jul 2024
Senior Officials check
Seek feedback from Commonwealth, state and territory authorities, amend products as required.
Jul-Aug 2024
Submit to Assurance Body
Submit final draft products for endorsement/recommendation to Skills Ministers.
Aug 2024
Skills Ministers endorsement
Final products have been submitted and are awaiting endorsement.


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