New partnership announced with Manufacturing Skills Queensland

The Manufacturing Alliance and Manufacturing Skills Queensland MSQ have forged a strategic partnership aimed at leveraging local Queensland intelligence to inform workforce planning and training product development.

As the Jobs and Skills Council (JSC) for the manufacturing sector, the Manufacturing Alliance want to ensure that the manufacturing industry can access workers with the skills needed to shape an innovative future made right here in Australia. MSQ is also committed to futureproofing the manufacturing industry in Queensland.

This partnership marks a significant step towards enhancing collaboration and knowledge exchange between the state and the manufacturing JSC, ultimately strengthening the support for the Queensland and Australian manufacturing workforce and industry.

Under the new partnership, MSQ and the Manufacturing Alliance will work together to align approaches and share intelligence to accelerate key projects that strengthen the state’s manufacturing capabilities.

Manufacturing Alliance has two projects already underway; ‘Building a defence manufacturing workforce’ which is dedicated to understanding the alignment between the capacity and capabilities of the skills system and the future needs of the defence manufacturing workforce; and ‘Aviation maintenance skills pathways’ which will examine the alignment between the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s (CASA) new licensing regulations and the training system. MSQ is supporting these projects to ensure the Queensland’s industry is heard.

The Manufacturing Alliance and MSQ will also collaborate closely on the update of manufacturing-related training packages.

This partnership represents a first for the Australian Government’s Jobs and Skills Councils and highlights the Manufacturing Alliance’s commitment to ensuring the solutions developed enhance workforce readiness and industry competitiveness and meet state and Australian requirements.

“This partnership underscores our commitment to Queensland’s manufacturing industry. This strategic integration of local insights and expertise offered by Manufacturing Skills Queensland will enable us to develop training packages and projects that resonate with the industry's current and future demands, ultimately contributing to a more resilient and competitive manufacturing workforce.

Sharon Robertson, Chief Executive Officer, Manufacturing Industry Skills Alliance

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