Message from the CEO

I speak on behalf of the entire Manufacturing Industry Skills Alliance (Manufacturing Alliance) team when I say how thrilled we are to have officially established the Jobs and Skills Council (JSC) for the manufacturing industry.

Australia as a country continues to evolve. The economy has changed, presenting the manufacturing sector with renewed opportunities. Alongside that, supply chains and traditional ways of manufacturing have changed. With the establishment of the Jobs and Skills Council for manufacturing, the way that workforce skills and training are developed and provided is changing as well.

During my years as CEO of the Manufacturing Alliance’s predecessor, IBSA Group, a consistent message heard – across all levels – was the desire and need to change the perception of the manufacturing industry to attract a revitalised next generation workforce.

This has long been a challenge for industry, and it is a challenge that the Manufacturing Alliance is ready to take up.

Through these new arrangements, industry will now have a greater voice in how training is developed and delivered. Training organisations, learners and apprentices will be better supported and have access to relevant, contemporary qualifications.

Through our Strategic Industry Taskforce and four key functions – workforce planning, training product development, supporting training delivery, and industry leadership – we will work with all sectors of industry to help address workforce challenges and shape skills and training that builds workforces of the future.

A systemic change is in progress and the Manufacturing Alliance is at the forefront. We are committed to working collaboratively towards a system that works smoothly and supports a sustainable, prosperous future.

We look forward to engaging with all stakeholders across the broad spectrum of the manufacturing sector.

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Sharon Robertson

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